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Location: USA
Interests: I love kickboxing and aerobics~I teach both~along with my poetry~they are my passions

Extra Info: I love making new friends... Come dream with me~ The words written on these pages are words from my mind, soul, heart, they are me, I am them.. we are one, no one can take who I have become, nor take what I write, and make it the same thought... I can

''She Was His Greatest Gift''
by LynnDakota

She slept beside him, quietly breathing a soft sigh followed by a
little whimper. 'She must be in pain,' he thought. 'She tries so hard to hide it from me.' How peaceful she looks, then just as suddenly her face would tighten, and a small little tear would fall from the corner of her eye. Six months ago, a year, this was unreal... a doctor's visit for a knawing stomach ache. She hid it well for months, and then couldn't hide it any longer after passing out on the kitchen floor while making his favorite dinner. They were celebrating a two-year anniversary of cohabitating together.
Their romance was such a beautiful stroke of luck. They'd both signed up for a literature course, an evening class at the near by college. Both with a yearning desire to write, and a way to polish up on their writing skills.
Her name was Colleen; she was 5'5 tall, long brown hair, dark brown eyes that sparkled when she smiled, she wasn’t beautiful, just pretty in a plain, simple way.
She was always five minutes late for class, thus he noticed her right away. Loved the way she bounced into the room as if the professor was her father, and he would forgive her anything.
He loved the way she nodded her head at the class, saying she was sorry she was late, …..again, then almost laughing at herself.
The professor was always allowing it, which was strange because he was a crass man, very blunt, very dignified. Yet when she smiled at him, he too seemed to melt.
He guessed her to be about 32 to 38 years of age, sharp, always a quick study in class.

One night the professor had them break into groups, they were to write an interview of a famous poet. One person would play the poet, trying to keep in mind the poets background, and answer questions as he or she would, or as they already had information on. The other student would do the interviewing. They were to number off 1 ... 2... 1... 2 and that would be their partner. They would have two weeks to turn in their interviews, and the one that played the poet was to grade the interviewer for thoroughness, and the professionalism of it’s content.
Tapping the person in front of him, he managed to get himself situated to be her number one. Just as he wanted to do, in every sense of the word.
'Now students,' the professor spoke loudly, 'You should make arrangements tonight, for getting together with your partner.'
Turning around to look at her, he smiled, extended his hand out, and spoke, 'Hi, my name is Andrew, Andrew Brooks.”
'Yes, I know,' she answered back, 'My name is Colleen Collins.'
Giving his hand a hard squeeze.
Surprised he paused in the middle of a sentence, then continued, 'Hello, Colleen, when could we get together?'
'How about coffee at the Chalet Coffee House; say tomorrow night at eight?'
'Wonderful, shall I pick you up somewhere?' he asked.
Hoping to find out where she lived.
'I'll meet you there, Andrew.' She stood to leave, and he wanted to grab her, keep her there, but before he could react, she was bouncing out the door. He smiled inside out; this lady was such a breath of fresh air!
He thought about her face, her neck.. dreamed about making love to her. He was completely captivated by her voice, loved the way her jeans seem to make her look so feminine and the way she dressed so simply. He closed his eyes, remembering her fragrance, like a clean, delicate, vanilla lace. Much like smelling mother's cookies baking on a Saturday afternoon, in a warm, cozy kitchen, when he was young.
His heart raced, as he thought of tomorrow night's meeting.
Andrew arrived early to get a table towards the back, where they could have a little more privacy. Asking the waiter for a small appetizer plate of cheese, and crackers, some fresh shrimp, and cocktail sauce, and a touch of fresh fruit to give the plate color. Then thinking wine would be nice, but maybe she didn't drink... no better stick to coffee, and see where this goes.

True to her nature, Colleen was ten minutes late. 'I'm so sorry, Andrew... I'm always late, I just can't seem to finish things I start and then I loose track of time, and I'm late!'
'No problem... I hope you don't mind, I ordered a appetizer platter?'
'Oh how lovely.' she said with a sweet sexy grin.
They worked on the interview for three hours, in between laughing about his mis-pronouncing words, and her constant questions about his life. He was amazed how she drew things out of him, so easily without trying hard at all! No woman had ever made him feel so comfortable, so relaxed.
She talked of her family, her mother's death a year ago, and a failed marriage. She explained she was a kindergarten teacher, and that her ex-husband traveled, and eventually found someone else.
No children though so at least there wasn't that to deal with, but still she was devastated, she hadn’t even thought about dating again, it was just too painful of an experience, and it had been two years since her divorce. She grew quiet with that confession, seeing the pain on her face, Andrew fought back the urge to hold her hand.

After about two hours, they finally picked a poet to interview. Both discovering they loved poetry, they picked Emily Dickinson, Colleen of course would be Emily.
Discovering the lateness of the hour, and wanting to extend the assignment so as to get to know Colleen better, Andrew looked at his watch, and claimed an early meeting at work in the morning, and could they please meet again this week?
Colleen pulled out her pocket calendar, and smiling asked if Friday night would be out of the question? Andrew jumped at the chance, and then feeling a little foolish, he declared,
“I guess my life hasn’t been so great in the last few years either.” They both laughed, and she grabbed his hand, jolting him with the element of surprise. He jumped, but luckily didn’t pull away. For a few brief seconds they looked into each other’s eyes. Then as Colleen stood to leave. Andrew stood up, asking to walk her to her car. Saying their good nights there, under a dim-glowing street light, Andrew fought back the urge to kiss her.

They had six more meetings after that first night. Each time Colleen was at least ten minutes late, till the seventh night, when she was fifteen minutes early, and he was late.
Andrew arrived to her sitting at a small table in the coffee house, looking at her watch.
“Well hello,” he said, “What’s wrong?”
“Wrong, nothings wrong….why?” she asked.
“Your early…” he explained.
“oh yeah… well today was weird… I.. I… I missed you.” She said blushing.
Andrew smiled.
“Really?” he replied. “How wonderful, taking her hand and kissing it lightly.
From that night on, they were inseparable, till finally they moved in together.
Love seemed to find them at last, and they took it and ran.

He’d grown to love her like no other woman he had ever known. She was so different, so sweet, and she made him feel like a real man, made him glad to come home at night once again.
Married and divorced when he was twenty years old, he’d found his wife cheating on him, since then he had been in and out of relationships for years. Never seeming to find that one woman, that he could be loyal to, that one woman that could keep him satisfied. She did that and more.
This last month they’d been together for three years! The night she passed out, he was going to ask her to marry him, but instead they ended up in the emergency room, and then spending the night in the hospital. He never got to ask her then, she was just too stressed, too sick. After two weeks of tests, the doctors finally told her… ovarian cancer.
Their lives went from happy, ecstatic, euphoria… to hellish days of chemo, and radiation therapy. To days of throwing up, Andrew holding her hair, as she lost the contents of her stomach yet again. Putting cool washrags on her forehead, and rubbing her back.
Till finally one day things seem to improve, and they had hope again!
Colleen was like her old self she smiled again!

One evening as he was preparing dinner; (he had come to take over many things he’d once taken for granted,) he noticed her staring out into the night skies with a look of a heavy burden on her face.
Suddenly she turned to him and said, “Andrew, I’ve decided to move out.”
Andrew dropped the spoon he was stirring the rice with. “What?” he asked.
“I can’t expect you to live like this, can’t make you happy when I’m so sick I can’t even make love to you.” She was crying now, wringing her hands as she spoke. He tried to speak, but she put her hand up to stop him. “Please Andrew hear me out…. I’ve applied for an assisted living apartment, and I’ve been accepted, I move tomorrow.”
Andrew flew to the table, and down on his knees. “No way!” he shouted. “No way are you leaving me… to live alone in a strange place!” she looked at him with love, and a look of pleading in her dark, dull eyes. “Andrew… she started, stopping her with his fingers across her lips he said, “Colleen, in the last two years, I have realized I have always been meant for you, that I never knew what love was all about till you… I have grown as a man, as a person, and it is all because of you… I won’t give you up, I can’t give you up!” he was shaking, holding her hands tightly. “You woman are my life, you are the reason I go on, I love you… the night you passed out… I was going to ask you to marry me, and now lovely, beautiful woman… I’m asking… Colleen Collins, will you do me the honor of marrying me?”
She looked at him, tears falling in soft, gentle puddles on her hands, and his.
“Andrew… oh Andrew… I love you, but, she stopped; taking a deep breath, then continuing I can’t ask you to live like this, I’m in remission now, but we both know, I know, I won’t live beyond a year… we both know it.”
Andrew pulled her from the chair, took her into his arms, and carried her to the bedroom.
They made love very slowly, twice that night, each time she whimpered, and he asked if he was hurting her, she answered, “No…oh no, you could never hurt me Andrew, it’s just that I want to remember this wonderful feeling, keep it forever… and no one has ever made me feel so alive as you have.”
Falling asleep in each others arms, Andrew didn’t notice when she slipped from their bed at three A.M., going to the bathroom, taking a bottle of sleeping pills from the medicine cabinet, (ones that she had since her divorce,) swallowing them down all at once, then returning to their bed, she kissed his lips lightly, as he turned over. She lie there staring at him, stroking his arm, tracing his face, as he half awake, smiled at her, pulling her into his arms, kissing her gently on the cheek as she told him she loved him.
He held her till she moved away, thinking she was in pain he stroked her hair, her cheeks, noticed her face tighten and release…. till he thought at last she looked at peace, sleeping.. now, he remembered she never answered his marriage proposal, but then he thought, they would have tomorrow, and tomorrow… till there were no more tomorrows, and he would be left alone once again… but he would never forget this lady, this woman… he loved so much, and he was given over to tears of sadness, yet still he wasn’t bitter he knew in his heart, God had some how given him the greatest gift, he would ever have,
and he would cherish her memory till he too went home, and they could be together once more.~

本文作者:林恩-达科他 (Lynn Dakota美国)





作者:林恩-达科他(Lynn Dakota,美国)


她睡在他的身边,轻轻地叹一声,接着是一阵抽泣声。“她肯定非常痛苦”他想,“她想掩饰,瞒着我。”看上去她非常安详,但是,本来好好的,转眼她就绷紧脸孔,眼泪就从她的眼角滚下来。6 个月以前,一年前,这不是真的…一次医生来查胃痛病情。她隐瞒了好几个月。一天他们庆祝同居十周年,她为他做他最喜欢吃的晚餐时昏倒在厨房地板上。从此,她再也无法隐瞒下去了。


她叫科莉,身高5’5吋,一头棕色长发,深棕色的双眼在微笑时光彩照人。她算不上美丽,只是一般的漂亮。她上课总是迟到5 分钟,所以他很快就注意到她。



很怪,教授一向非常粗鲁,生硬和威严,却一直都允许她迟到。而且,当她向他微笑时,教授显得非常宽容。他推测,她32-38 岁。他认为她思维敏捷,在班上学得很快的一员。

一天晚上,教授把他们分成小组,要大家采访一位著名诗人。一人扮演诗人,熟记诗人的背景,要能回答别人提出的各种问题。其它学生已经掌握了一些信息资料,并且将进行采访。学生按照报数1--- 2 ;以1--- 2 俩人组成一对搭档。学生要在两星期内上交采访报告,扮演诗人的学生要按照内容的完整性和专业性给采访者打分。






“在葜莱馆喝咖啡吧,明天8 点行吗?”









他们就采访方案研讨了三个小时,期间他俩为他失误的措辞而发笑,她则对他生活不断地提问。她竟然能够不费吹灰之力就从他嘴里掏出大量的材料。为此,他大为惊奇。 以前,没有任何女人会使他感到如此随意和放松。









“哦,是的,今天有点怪。我…我想你了。” 她忸怩地说。




















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